Academic Projects:

Annette Harris Officer Elementary School
Arrowpoint Elementary School
Goldfarb School of Nursing
Carlinville Elementary School
CBC High School
Churchill Center and School
Edgewood Children's Center Addition
Eureka High School Auditorium
Forsyth School
Logan College Auditorium
Logan College Purser Center
Logan College of Chiropractics -
Assessment Center Addition
Logan College of Chiropractics -
Health Center Renovation
Logan College Student Center
Mark Twain Athletic Facility Renovation
Mark Twain Residence and Dining Facility
MICDS McDonnell STEM Facility
Nerinx Hall, Performing Arts Center
New City School
Principia College, Site Lighting
SLCEC Wellston Child Care Center
Saint Paul's Luthern School
St. Louis Community College -
Wildwood Campus
Washington Park, Elementary School
Webster University, Academic Building -
Lighting Controls
Webster University Hall Addition
Washington University (WU) Brauer Hall
WU Cupples II
WU Anheuser Busch Hall Renovation
WU EPS Building Exterior
WU Green Hall
WU University Center